The Best Burger In Helsinki: Naughty BRGR

tuhmimmat burgerit

Finnish foodies know who Akseli Herlevi is. He is a chef that amazed the judges in Top Chef (of Finland) TV show with his hamburger. Later he actually won the whole contest. Shortly after that Aleksi complained that there’s not a good hamburger available in Helsinki. He also said that he’s looking for premises for his own hamburger restaurant.

Well, he found the premises. The grand opening was today 20th of November, 2015! Fortunately, I had a work related trip to Helsinki and we had a bit of a party time last night. The new restaurant opened just in time at 11 o’clock to cure the hangover and the place was just around the corner of my hotel. What a coincidence…

When I arrived 15 minutes early, there was already a queue of about 20 people in front of the restaurant. Everyone was waiting anxiously to get in. When the doors opened, the waitresses came to hand us menus and explained about the ingredients in the burgers. They even have beer as beverage and not just one beer. A huge load of different special beers! I salute you, sir, because I like to enjoy my brgr with a beer!

Because there was an endless queue of customers getting in all the time, the delivery time from order was about 15 minutes which in my opinion in the situation is all right. The burgers are picked up from the kitchen desk and there’s a guy yelling ticket numbers. I had the original Naughty BRGR. And oh boy, it was a delicious burger! The patty was medium rare and there were no other vegies except rocket salad. The patty was loaded with two cheeses: cheddar and blue cheese. In addition it was equipped with special bacon-onion salsa and aioli. The combination of flavors is just so good. I don’t know if my upcoming hangover had something to do with it, but  this burger was the best burger I’ve ever had! Even our own homemade burgers included. Damn.

Where is Naughty BRGR?

It’s in the middle of Helsinki city center, only 5 minutes walk from central railway station. If you’re in Helsinki, go eat there. It’s the best goddamn burger you’ve ever had!

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