Health Benefits of Hot Chocolate

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Hot chocolate is one of the most popular beverages to drink during the cold winter months. When we think back to winter memories, many of them may include a warm fire and a cup of hot cocoa with a pair of sheepskin boots such as Brumby boots.

Did you know that this tasty beverage could be healthy? There are many health benefits that are associated with this creamy, chocolate treat. So, don’t feel guilty when you indulge in a hot cup of cocoa on a stormy, winter day this year wearing a comfy pair of Brumby boots.

One of the top health benefits associated with this drink is the presence of antioxidants. Dark chocolate has more antioxidants than a handful of berries. Antioxidants are great immune system boosters. You can shave fresh dark chocolate on top of a cup of cocoa for extra antioxidants in your drink.

When you make a cup of cocoa, use low fat milk. Low fat milk will help to keep calories low, but is still quite healthy. Milk contains calcium, which has been known to be a major component of healthy bones and teeth. Everyone should be sure that they consume the necessary amount of calcium that their body needs each day out of the year.

If calories added to your diet make you afraid of indulging in this winter treat, you should be aware that there are options that are lower in calories. Many well-known brands make sugar free and low sugar cocoa versions.

You can also make cocoa yourself with cocoa powder and skim milk to be sure that the calories are low in the drink. You can add peppermint or cinnamon flavoring to make the recipe all your own.

In addition to the ingredients of hot chocolate providing healthy solutions to your diet, this drink can also help in another way. Taking the time out of your day to sip on a hot cup of cocoa can help you to alleviate stress. You can sit next to a roaring fire, put on a pair of great footwear, such as Brumby boots and enjoy a warm beverage.

This holiday season you can share the health of hot cocoa with others. It makes a great gift item or a sweet treat when family or friends stop by for a visit.

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