Departure For A Journey with Brazilian Cooking Experiences

Brazilian Tour

The country of Brazil is a country full of contrasts, which are reflected in the tropical rainforest and climatic zones in the south. Getting to know the cuisine of Brazil and exploring food and drink in this special way is the goal of this vacation in Brazil.

A Tour of the Senses

It leads through the country to fazendas and to family celebrations of the friendly inhabitants. There the guest gets an insight into the preparation of the “Moqueda de peixe” and the “Baianas”. “Churrasco” and “Baba de moca” are also very popular. This is followed by the real “Feijoada”, the origin of which can be found in Rio.

The tour takes you via Sao Paulo to Bahia and from Copacabana to the Amazon, where many tasty stews and refreshing drinks invite you to eat and drink and turn your holiday into a special culinary experience. This is a food culture that has its origins in African, Indian and German roots. Almost every dish includes black beans and farinha (made from cassava roots and flour) and, of course, rice. In the area around Salvador de Bahia there is the specialty “acaraje”, which consists of a baked or deep-fried corn flour dumpling and is filled with vegetables or crabs.

It should be mentioned that the cuisine in Brazil is very different from region to region. Some fruits are only available in some regions. It can happen that different dishes are completely unknown in other parts of the country. If you want to get to know the cuisine of Brazil , it is worth visiting different regions in this beautiful country.

National Dishes and Special Specialties

The national dish of Brazilians is “Feijoada”, a stew made from beef and pork, bacon, garlic and other ingredients. Rice is usually served as a side dish. The foreign guests prefer “Churrasco”. This dish comes from the south of the country and the meat used to be roasted over an open fire. A culinary holiday for body and soul in this beautiful country will be fondly remembered.

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